Monday, January 22, 2007

3 Cool Tricks Your iPhone Will Be Able To Do

Here are three cool tricks that I've learned to do with cellphones over the years. These can be used with pretty much any digital network cellphone. (Sound clarity is very important for all of these tips to work flawlessly.)

I've NEVER, in my adult life, had a landline phone. I was within the first 10,000 customers to have a BellSouth Mobility cellphone (Now Cingular/AT&T).I've been with BellSouth Mobility/Cingular/AT&T for 16+ years. Because of this, I was able to learn these two tricks with cellphones.

The first trick (or hack if you want to call it that) involves getting into gated communities such as apartment complexes, condominiums, and gated neighborhoods. Typically gated neighborhoods have a system that allows for calling from a "call box". These call boxes have a directory. You find the name on the directory and press buttons on the "call box" that correspond to a resident's address and phone number.

If you live in the community you should place your "call box" number as your cellphone number. By doing so, you can get into your gated community even if you don't have your remote unlocker or you can let a friend in even if you aren't at your home or are outside of the range of your "home telephone". For instance, you could let visitors to your home in the gates before arriving yourself.

The way this works:

The "call box" calls you and you press the number "9" on your phone. The tone opens the gate for your visitor. This comes in handy when you've forgotten or lost your remote, the batteries are dead, or your RF signal pass card isn't working.

When I lived in a gated community a few years back I actually turned both of my "gate remotes" in and got a $20 deposit back. I just let myself in with my cellphone if I wasn't able to get in through the gates.

The second trick involves opening your car remotely. This only works if you have a remote keyless entry/lock installed in your car.

1) Give a keyless entry remote for your car to a trusted friend that is readily available.

2) Show them this video: Unlock your car with your cellphone

The next time you're in a bind because you've locked your keys in your car, can't find your keys, or just want to impress a friend with your iPhone, call your "trusted friend" to have them point and click the remote into their phone, hold your cellphone close to the locked car door ... and voila ... unlock your car.

And last, but not least; a security tip.

Does a certain dog bother you? Record the inaudible (to human ears) dog tone. You can record one yourself by getting a dog whistle. Just record "the whistle" for a good minute. Have it "ready to play" when you know you might be near an aggressive dog. When the dog starts barking or *gasp* comes off his leash ... play the "whistle". He will heel or turn away.

All of these tips are meant to be used out of necessity and not for illegal purposes. Please use this information for your own purposes. DO NOT under any circumstance tease an animal with "inaudible tones" ...

* Inaudible tones may not work on all dogs ... and may work with other animals.

* A regular reader pointed out that opening a car door via cellphone is largely an urban myth although I can confirm that it does work on some cars.


Anonymous said...

Dogs come to heel.
Doctors heal.


FYT said...

Changed ... and you know I knew that ;-) ... it's kind of like I can never spell the word "guaranty" for some reason. I used to have the "their there" issue ... it surfaces every now and then.

Please keep posting if you find other errors.