Friday, December 01, 2006

Zap the talker, the crying baby, or the rowdy teen!

Engadget links to a post on TechDirt about Regal Cinemas starting to offer "Tattle tale pagers" to select Regal Crown Club Rewards customers.

The idea is simple ... the pager has 4 buttons:

Button #1: Alerts management to a disturbance
Button #2: Alerts management about a projection problem
Button #3: Alerts management about a temperature problem
Button #4: The "everything else" button

If you recall, I posted this article on movies back in April of this year - a 3 part series on movies and movie theater chains. While I'm sure my article had little to no impact on this decision, I did print the full article out and mail it to Regal Cinemas - since they were the main focus of the problems I have experienced with movie theaters.

See that article here:

Do you like movies, but hate watching them?

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