Monday, December 18, 2006

Time Magazine Person Of The Year: Me & You

I truly can say that I am "Person Of The Year" ... a Warner Publication contacted me earlier in the year and said that this was going to be the "Year Of The Blogger" ... they asked for a few of my comments on the topic since my case would essentially seal the rights of bloggers as journalists. Alas my case has been postponed from the courts while we wait on the opposing attorney's appeal of two lower court rulings in my favor. I don't mean to get all grandiose on you ... but my injunction ruling has already been used in 3 cases for reference. MY case may also mean a lot to the future of YouTube and its anonymous, non commercial use of copyrighted material.

* The keyboard (in the picture on the cover) is an Apple keyboard

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Anonymous said...

So it really is all about me. I mean, us.