Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm a Mac, I'm a PC -- ZUNE REMIX

This inadvertently points out the biggest single problem with the sharing feature of the Zune: who are you going to share your Zune songs with if all your friends have iPods? 80 million iPods are out there, less than 180,000 Zunes have been placed into retail and from what I see only maybe half of those have been sold.


Anonymous said...

Apparently this video was made by Microsoft. If that's true, they don't know their product very well since the Zune cannot send videos as they suggest.

Jensonb said...

There's a fatal flaw with that video. "squirting" only allows 3 plays. Then you have to download it, just like iPod. Sharing music with iPod is easy. Share the earphones. It's been working for years, don't give it up in favor of WiFi just so MS get money.

FYT said...

the only 3 play feature is the lamest restriction I think that has ever been placed on an electronic device. I honestly cannot think of anything worse.