Thursday, December 21, 2006

Donate To The James & Kati Kim Memorial

If you find an extra dollar in your Paypal account this holiday season ... consider donating to the James & Kati Kim memorial.

If you recall, James Kim was stranded and lost while on a trip through Oregon.

I had the pleasure of shaking hands with James at a MacWorld Expo and appreciated his Mac advocacy and reporting while he was on TechTV.

Please see this official website:

I hate to have to sound like I am making an insensitive comment here ... but one thing has crossed my mind since this has happened. Why didn't a technology guru have a GPS with him? This tradgedy would have been avoided easily ... since news has come that the Kim family veered off the road onto an ungated logging trail by accident ... apparently due to poor visibility. A voice guided GPS would have alerted Kim as soon as he veered more than 50 feet off of the designated route.


James Kim found, family rescued

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