Monday, December 04, 2006

By Spending ... You Are Actually Saving!

Not that any of you would find this interesting, but I thought this was funny. One premise I built this website on was to root out marketing scandals in the Mac World. I have always been intrigued by the "speech of the salesman" ... mostly because I would consider myself a pretty decent one. In my days as being an Apple Sales Rep I was often praised for being top salesman.

Well, anyway ... this past weekend I was flipping through channels and briefly stopped on HSN (The Home Shopping Network). The item up for sale and hyped and hocked for the current 5 minutes was an el cheapo MP3 player. The announcer, a female, was careful not to mention the word "iPod" and very insistent that readers know that the majority of music is in the WMA format and that THIS PLAYER played WMA.

But the best line to come from this sales pitch was this:

"You're actually saving more than you are spending with this gift"

While I know what she was saying, logically that was sales talk to brainwash a buyer into thinking they are actually saving money to buy the item. Fact is ... if you spend ANY MONEY you are not saving money. And the kicker is that this same MP3 player (512MB flash MP3) can be found at 3 of my favorite retail sources for 25% less and some with free shipping which the HSN sale was not offering.

Of course, a common line used on HSN was also used in context with this MP3 player:

"HSN is offering this for the lowest price you can find any where!"

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