Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apple Headquarters flooded

As reported by The Unofficial Apple Weblog:
This morning a major water leak left a foot of water on the floors of an Apple Computer Inc building in Cupertino. According to a Santa Clara County Fire Department dispatcher, "more than 100 gallons of water per minute were pouring into the building from a leak under the first floor." ...

The article is continued:

We here at TUAW are the first to admit that we think Apple goes overboard in worrying about leaks, but it seems like the one this morning wouldn't have been plugged even with copious nondisclosure agreements.

I don't find this funny ... It's one thing to make funny headlines ... another to add insult without any notion of seriousness or poignant satire.

As of late, I have been missing a lot of the drama that I usually cover due to my depression over a legal matter which makes for a lack of interest in posting a lot of stories here any more. I didn't want another headline that I usually comment on slip by.

A new feature story coming soon....

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