Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The ZuneScene Forum ... reminds me of a Mac Forum

The ZuneScene forums

This forum, on the Zune (Microsoft) website reminds me of a lot of Mac Forums that are completely biased about everything Apple.

This forum thread is titled: Some theories about Innovation, Quality and the Zune...and Apple

Here's my favorite quote pulled from this forum thread:

[Macs] Used to be industry standard. Not any more. Many of the companies that produced software to do the things you stated are now making and selling more software on the PC side. Video editing and control is ever more dominated by the PC, photo editing is almost 99% PC now, and the music industry has all but given up on the Mac. They are finding out that PCs run faster at less costs to buy and maintain. Many reviews have come out lately with the Mac intel switch and bootcamp showing that even with native Intel apps on the Mac, Windows XP will run many tasks faster than OSx will on the same exact hardware. PCs are by and far the standard for main stream education and business purposes.

I particularly love the line ... "...photo editing is almost 99% PC now

As a matter of fact, I think Apple has grown the most market share as of late in the area where it was already a dominant player - the photo and video editing industry.


Anonymous said...

You might want to take some of your own implied advice and get some non-Apple-PR numbers on this statement before you go too far with it. My direct Professional National & International broadcast Video production experience working for almost a decade at networks you unquestionably *do* watch tells a different story. Back in the earely and mid 90's there was definitely a Mac in every studio (I ran 11 studios as one all-mac network suite through the mid-late 90's myself) but today as I walk into studios I see maybe one in seven to one in ten still has the Mac center-stage in the pro production process. Religious fights and old school Mac "artists" lost to simple economics based on the fact that the Windows software simply got better, and/or more companies started providing options to Mac slim pickings and once the market was broken into the larger number of competitors started going at it on more features, lower prices & higher quality -- instead of the old "We're the only option you have" that typified the Mac experience (and pretty much, face it, still does typify the Mac experience, at least in Pro tools.)

Could you find the time to get industry stats because we love to read you and would like to be sure that what you say is more qualified than the things you make fun of.


FYT said...

I'll get some more stats and post to a new article within the week. Thank you for participating here.