Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wrong Yesterday Wrong Today Wrong Tomorrow

I just got through watching a segment on the Today Show on NBC highlighting the launch of the Microsoft Zune.

First of all, I thought journalists were suppose to reveal their affiliations with any product if such an affiliation exists. Microsoft owns a stake in NBC ie MSNBC News Network.

* The Today show also hosts its content on the MSNBC website

* A comment corrected me with a link to a YouTube video showing that Matt Lauer DID in fact mention the Microsoft NBC affiliation - I think my local news interupted right as he said that so I didn't see it. I still see the piece as biased and unethically reported, particularly with the 4G iPod

Second, all the side by side product comparisons showed 4th Gen iPods with monochrome screens with no song selected or playing, while the Zune was playing a video.

The other product comparison was to an iPod Mini.

I know that NBC has "OTHER" stock iPod footage to show - what about the Oprah/Bono press event showing off the (PRODUCT) red iPod Nano?

This isn't the first time NBC has misled its morning viewers with puff pieces about the Zune.

The only advantage offered for the iPod in this quasi press release was that the iPod had 1.5 million more titles in it's song library. What they failed to mention is that the iPod's advantage is getting those additional 1.5 million titles in a much better software interface with less restrictions- the iTunes Music Store.


Louderback: The Louder Mouth On The Today Show

Engadget: Installing The Zune Sucked!

* It was also mentioned that the iPod had sold 67 million units ... but didn't mention that Apple is expected to sell 20 million this holiday season, whereas the Zune is expected to sell less than 2 million IN A 1 YEAR PERIOD!


Anonymous said...

Where would NBC and the other MSM outlets BE without massive Omissions? - It's what they're best at.

fixyourthinking said...

Where would NBC and the other MSM outlets BE without massive Omissions? - It's what they're best at.

Good point.

Anonymous said...

Here's the antidote to the "Today" piece, courtesy of CNN (linked through iPodDailyNews and YouTube):


cheers :-)

Steve Wiseman said...

I believe that Microsoft has divested their interest in MSNBC, and they have yet to remove the MS part of their name - so I don't think there is that much influence left

Anonymous said...

They've discussed the MS parting from MSNBC but it's not official but MSNBC.com is still a joint venture.

Anonymous said...

Despite NBC's affiliation with Microsoft, I guarantee you this was not bias. It was an uninformed, tech-clueless producer for whom file video of any iPod was close enough. I work in TV. I see this daily. Though I guess it doesn't excuse it.

fixyourthinking said...

Whether or not their is an interest still held, the affiliation is still there and Microsoft still uses MSNBC as a News partner on the MSN homepages.

I believe the piece was DELIBERATELY bias - as you can see - when it came to the "hosts banter" (Matt, Meredith, Al) - the truth really came out about the Zune's appeal and the iPod's dominance - just as in the CNN "host banter" that was linked by a reader above.

conigs said...

After watching the youtube link , they do clearly state at the end of the host banter that MS and NBC are joint partners in the msnbc web site.
It was still a biased piece in the visual sence (showing a 4G iPod next to a Zune), and that it read more as a press release, though.

fixyourthinking said...

Thanks for the correction ... I think my local news interupted right as he said that. It was at a break and my local station may have picked up slightly early.

I mentioned it within the story.

joe vandal said...

Leo Laporte mentioned that he was going to review the Zune on Today or Live with Regis.

However, he said the license agreement was so adversarial and restrictive for even the reviewers that he refused to accept it and thus won't be reviewing the Zune on any television shows.

fixyourthinking said...

That's what an Office Depot rep iterated to me.

Microsoft won't even allow them to offer their reward points (Worklife Rewards) to loyal customers and no discounts can apply towards the purchase.

He said, the "memo" also said that one could not use Gift cards either - because Microsoft said, "Many people receive gift cards free or through loyalty programs, we do not support the purchase of the Zune by this method, your sales invoices for compensation and commission reports must be for full retail price paid by cash, check, credit, or purchase order from your customer."

The OD manager told me, he just won't support the sales, he won't persuade or dissuade sales.

Anonymous said...

in it's song library --> in its song library

Jennifer K. said...

I'm not sure where the bias is. If you listen to the broadcast, all they are doing is explaining the features of the Zune and explaining the differences between Zune & Ipod. And if you listen clearly, they tell pros and cons of both products. Plus, the whole point of the story is NOT "Zune is better than Ipod" but is rather "Zune is new and hopes to take just a bite out of the already successful Ipod market where other competitors have failed to do so."

The expectation that one could get a complete and thorough comparison of every ipod product and every competitors' product on a 3-minute segment on a national television show is pretty ludicrous. However, this does not make it biased for simply raising awareness that another option is out there.

fixyourthinking said...

No "true comparison" is ever made with a new product vs a 2 yr old version of the competitors product.

Not to "disrespect your opinion" ... but I think you are the only commenter I have seen on ANY MAC FORUM BOARD that doesn't see ulterior motive or bias behind this piece.

Jennifer K. said...

Hmm, could that be because I'm not Mac biased?

fixyourthinking said...

True ... but this is an issue to "Mac People" who are constantly handed poor journalism.