Monday, November 13, 2006

What Happens Near Vegas ...

Reno Apple Store burglarized

The Summit Sierra Apple Store in Reno, NV was robbed early Sunday morning. Thieves smashed a window with a rock and managed to make off with $7000 worth of computers and iPods. Store surveillance cameras caught the robbery on tape. The police are still looking for the two suspects. They are described as Caucasian or Asian males in their teens or early twenties.

Police are asking anyone with info to call the anonymous tips line at 775-322-4900.

Here's a thought ... what if all Apple Store demo units had the script that used was used against an Apple repair facility secretively last week installed on them. I'm sure you could have the script be activated if the wifi signal picked up any other network than the Apple Store where the product was being sold.

Just a thought.


Flikr page of exploited MacBook iSight pics


Josh Kenzer said...

Kind of a bummer to make news because of crime. Reno is actually not near Vegas. We are close to San Fran and about equal distance to SLC as we are to Vegas.

FYT said...

Point taken ... but it's closer to Vegas than Greenville South Carolina - where I'm from.

Don't feel unique in your "Apple Store" crime though, the Pittsburgh PA store was robbed twice in 2004.