Friday, November 03, 2006

MyDreamApp: Rigged From The Beginning

A new post appeared on the MyDreamApp website last night. Apparently Philip Ryu (MyDreamApp organizer) is a bit ticked off by some commentary that a copycat website has put up. Read the post then my followup commentary.

They Say Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery...
October 31st, 2006 at 10:40pm • Posted by Phillip Ryu
[Philip Ryu] My Dream Windows App has just opened its doors, created by one Stefan Miganowicz of Leominster, Massachusetts. Stefan praises My Dream App as his source of inspiration, and gives “kudos to MyDreamApp for pioneering an innovative way to bring applications to market”, then immediately rips into the creativity of the Macintosh community, calling our submissions“second rate and unsatisfactory garbage”:

[From MyDreamWindowsApp] “We have created this site to show the Mac users how a community application should be designed, built and distributed. I say we start this community from scratch; no pre-selected biased judges, no emotional absurdity… just real ideas that actually have a possibility of usefulness to the sane human being.”

[Philip Ryu] Well, Stefan, I certainly would like to point out that we were about providing something cool and new to the Mac community, and not about showing the Windows community “how to do it”, but hey, we each have our own motives, right?

I vied for a spot to be a guest blogger judge and got beat out by the heavyweights like Daring Fireball's John Gruber. Personally, I'm glad I didn't get the honors. I would be embarassed by the finalists that were chosen. If anyone interviewed me and asked me what I thought of the competition, here would be my response:


It's almost blatant it seems. Seriously, it looks like to me that the 3 most easy to program, most already overdone niche ideas were chosen. I find it hard to believe that any of the judges actually had input into the finalists - especially seeing what got chosen - a Cookbook/Grocery shopping app ... a screensaver application ... a syncing app that is nothing short of iSync w/ Eye Candy. Nothing new, nothing innovative, nothing that more than a niche is going to be interested in ... but definitely all three are easy to code.

The contest was rife with cheating - some contestants paid for votes, some contestants ran bots for votes, some contestants actually campaigned within their workplaces for votes. I wouldn't be surprised if some contestants gave a BJ to some of the judges. Philip Ryu allowed some "member" called "statmonkey" to bash contestants with meaningless statistics and forum quotes and promote others. This was nothing short of the Presidential election debacle in 2000 with the major networks reporting that Gore had won prematurely, using exit poll estimates and quotes from Democratic election officials while at the same time demeaning Republicans and not giving meaningful statistics like actual results!

But the catch is that a lot of innovative apps weren't chosen to begin with and even more interesting is that the truly innovative apps that were chosen (but possibly difficult to code) were thrown out in the first two rounds.

I honestly don't see why more Mac blogs aren't pointing this out and or calling this out.

[UPDATE] As of this post MYDREAMWINDOWSAPP.COM is not responding:

* Editor notes: Note that the message here isn't to be misunderstood that Philip Ryu, the contest organizer, rigged My Dream App - I think it was a combination of manipulation between contestants and judges and very poor execution for choosing apps and eliminating them from competition.

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