Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Zune Bashing

Unless anything absolutely necessary to report comes out, this will be my last Zune post for a while. First, feast your eyes on the top of the Zune box. This is an actual picture. Wel-come indeed! This instantly reminded me of the hillarious YouTube video where Microsoft designed an iPod box.

A MacRumors forum member named Jupiter came up with this great commercial idea:

I would love Apple to come up with an iPod Ad campaign similar to to the "Get a Mac" TV ads.

Imagine this:

Zune (in a brown suit of course): Hello I'm a Zune

iPod: and I'm an iPod

iPod: so whats that you're playing with?

Zune (throwing up a ball and catching it again): oh this is a new song I just downloaded from the zune marketplace, it's really popular at the moment.

iPod: Congratulations, I can see you're enjoying it.

Zune: Oh it's not just me watch this:

(2nd Zune walks onto the screen)

Zune: Excuse me, mind if I zune this song to you?

Zune 2: Yeah sure, go ahead.

(Zune throws ball to Zune 2 who then starts throwing it up and catching it.)

iPod: Wow thats really cool.

Zune: I know, we're great buddies.

(Zune 2 throws up the ball for the third time, but it does not come back down again.)

iPod: Wait, what happened?

Zune: Oh he's only allowed it for a little while.

(Zune 2 walks off with a sad expression)

iPod: So what happend to the song?

(ball falls and hits Zune on the head)

iPod: Oh, right.


Anonymous said...

First, feast your eyes on the top of the Zune box.

It's actually the inside of the box - the outer brown portion slides over that - the 'amber to magenta accent stripe' is the bottom of the packaging....

FYT said...

Ah, the ones on the shelf at Office Depot must've been out of the box then ... this is also how they appeared on the Today Show.

Anonymous said...

You can watch the wonderful moment of uwrapping here -
If you haven't already seen it....