Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If this doesn't convince you ... then you might just be one

Last week I asserted that Apple seems to be targeting the "androgenous" in their latest print and web ads for the iPod Shuffle.

Last night a new TV spot aired (it's really cool) ... if this doesn't convince you that the target is transexuals, transvestites, or the androgenous ... then you might actually be one of the three and not self aware.

This is a very creative twist on the old Micheal Jackson Black or White video - where the morphing technology was first showcased on TV and would later be used in Terminator 2.

Michael Jackson - Black or White

* Fast forward in the YouTube video to 3:35


Anonymous said...

Man you have your terms all mixed up:

Transsexuals (more commonly known as Transgendered) are men and women that become the opposite sex via surgery. A good example is Sophia Lamar.

Transvestites are men who dress like woman, but are typically pretty flamboyant. The most famous of which is probably Divine or Hedwig.

In both cases, they then not to be ambiguous or androgynous. The closest you can really get to androgynous are Cross Dressers. They tend to just try to pass and wear close that are a little more frumpy. The best example of that would Ann Coulter.

FYT said...

Ann Coulter?

I have no doubts about her sexuality ... I think she's quite sexy honestly. A bit extreme ... but I think that's mostly show more than reality.

Anonymous said...

I guess the joke was missed, the implication is that she is actually a man. You know with the adam's apple and all.

Anonymous said...

I wondered about this myself, and the ad confirms my suspicions. Good find. btw, are 8 letters to confirm i'm a person really neccessary? i'm sure 4 or 5 would be sufficient.

FYT said...

unfortunately I can't control the "spam comment" filter word verification character length ... I wish i could.

Anonymous said...

If you can't tell which ones have tits, you must be one.

FYT said...

ahemmm ... you can tell in the video but not any of the print ads.