Wednesday, November 29, 2006

5 prototypes we never saw ... 1 that was never really made.

The Apple Gazette published a great look at "5 Apple products that never made it" - all focusing on mobile or office communications.

One of the products (all taken from The Apple Museum website) was mentioned as the Apple PenLite - Apple's attempt at a tablet computer based on the PowerBook Duo line.

Here is the mention from the Apple Gazette website:

I wrote a book about the PowerBook Duo called, Think Duoffrent (sold over 5000 copies through my website, promotions, and eBay) ... so I feel I can speak on this particular item with confidence.

The Apple PenLite was never actually a real product for testing or prototyping ... that picture was simply a Duo with the screen detached and turned over. Although the Duo was the most prototyped of any Apple computer ... it was also most of the guts of the Paladin. (pictured at the top of this post)

I also wanted to add:

The PowerBop (mentioned in the article) was not a prototype. It was sold in France for a few years. There was some sort of cellphone called BiBop -- that was sold by France Telecom before GSM existed there. Apple developed The PowerBop with France Telecom and sold it there. It was merely a replacement for the internal modem card.


Anonymous said...

It was real, I have a few units that still work, left over from trials in Japan.

FYT said...

Really? If you wouldn't mind ... I would love to see more pictures or a demo of them. Apple product beta manuals rveal that no such device existed - they were mock up only.

Anonymous said...