Friday, October 27, 2006

More evidence that blogs are a step ahead of the mainstream media

Here's an interesting story from MacUser's Dan Moren.

In the article, Moren argues the specifics of a story posted in The Washington Post.

The story (from the Post) called "iPod Jeers" was poorly researched to say the least.

The story was written by Neal Mueller who is associated with/sponsored by/advertises for Creative. The Washington Post has the duty to disclose such.

This story was about Apple's iPod, but it does make you think about the sources of other articles or the motivation of other news the mainstream media reports.

[UPDATE] The post made this retraction: An article in the Oct. 22 Sunday Business section on Creative MP3 players failed to disclose that the writer, Neal Mueller, received a free player from the company to use on his 2005 expedition to Mount Everest. He is not officially sponsored by Creative. He received that player after writing to the company to say that he is a fan of its products.

ACTUALLY He accepts free products from companies (Creative is one of them) specifically for the purpose of promoting them. This retraction is still inaccurate as to the true intent of the original story. Mueller is biased against iPods and therefore shouldn't be allowed to report on them in any forum other than his own.

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