Thursday, October 26, 2006

Interesting description for an eBay auction found

A bidder in one of my eBay auctions bid and won this auction two weeks ago and asked if it was compatible with the printer I was selling. Read the description of the auction he was inquiring about. Note: this is not my auction.

Been living on a shelf for ages. Crushed box. The idea is to allow your old Mac to print to ANY PC PRINTER just the way Macr0$oft allows winblows to. Hook up the Serial to Centronics cable, install software and grab a cheap cheasey printer at the goodwill or salvation army, then go to town printing. When they break, grab another $5 printer and keep going. Maybe you have a manifesto you are working on up in your mountain cabin. Great way to fool the boys with Big Brother, just change printers for those packages you send out with booming results.

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