Thursday, October 26, 2006

Greenpeace not peacefully demonstrating?

As reported by MacMinute:

Greenpeace forced out of Apple Mac Expo

According to a report on, the environmental group Greenpeace has been forced out of Mac Expo 2006 in London. "Greenpeace's high profile 'Green my Apple' stall was shut-down today at the start of the Mac Expo," notes the story. "Organizers of the Mac Expo claimed they had received complaints from unnamed sources. The Greenpeace stall was bought for the three-day expo in an attempt to raise awareness about concerns over the use of toxic chemicals in Apple's products."

This is a major hassle for Apple to have to deal with such a non issue. Greenpeace badgers Apple for one reason and one alone - publicity!

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Anonymous said...

I read mac minute and the original post at yubanet and was wondering how exactly greenpeace was not demonstrating peacefully? This is the only quote I can find about the actions the were taking

"The Greenpeace volunteers manning the stall were signing up Mac fans to challenge Apple to go green. Flyers explaining the Green my Apple campaign were handed out to members of the public along with organic green apples."

That sounds kind of peaceful to me.

Anonymous said...

Explains the not peacful a lttile btter. Though I think would make the arguement that being a pain in the ass is different than not being peacful. I was really expecting a greenpeace riot or something exciting.

FYT said...

The last Greenpeace demonstration I was "near" (not Apple related) there were a lot of weirdos shoving - and when I say shoving ... I mean shoving - flyers in my face and wearing "melted face masks" (they were protesting batteries with lead acid) - it was annoying and they shouted constantly during presentations.

If you remember Greenpeace also protested a very disturbing manner when Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Sanford U. (I think that was it)

Greenpeace RARELY peacably demonstrates