Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A few research notes about viruses on iPods

As I was trying to do a little research on the few video iPods that shipped with a virus ... I had remembered that XLR8YourMac had posted a story in September about a user that said his iPod had a virus. Everyone doubted him (including me) ... thinking he just got the virus from a sync with his work PC. Interestingly enough, the guy who had mailed into XLR8YourMac found the virus with Norton Antivirus for Macs.

- Note that the virus does not affect Macs in any way, but could be transmitted to a PC via an iTunes sync with a PC.

- Last week it was discovered that Mp3 players being distributed at McDonald's Fast Food Restaurants in Japan had a similar virus issue

- Last year Creative shipped a few thousand Zen MP3 players with a similar virus

* Kudos to XLR8YourMac for being the first documented case of this incident.

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