Thursday, October 26, 2006

A few pointers for MyPoints!

A few of you may remember my suggesting using MYPoints to get a discount off of Apple Store Purchases.

It works like this: you go through the MYPoints website and link to to make your purchase. You receive 2 points per dollar. Also, on a daily basis you receive emails that you designate interest in - you receive 5 points for reading the email and visiting the associating website.

Yesterday, I found an interesting aspect to getting your reward (usually gift cards exchanged for points).

If you haven't noticed, some retailers point exchanges are higher than others. Take the two examples below:

$25 Staples Gift Card 3,250 Points

$50 Staples Gift Card 6,250 Points

$100 Staples Gift Card 12,000 Points


25 Wal-Mart Gift Card 3,750 Points

$50 Wal-Mart Gift Card 7,250 Points

What one can do is just get your gift cards to Staples and go in store (to Staples) and get just about any gift card you want. (Using a gift card to Staples to buy gift cards to other merchants)

This could save you 500-1000 points or roughly $6 - $12 per exchange.

I really like the MyPoints program - points add up quickly and you can earn points from just about any online merchant - essentially getting a discount at many merchants that don't offer discounts - such as Apple.

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