Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bang! That sound was a gavel, not a gun, but it's every blogger's funeral!

Dramatic titles are necessary in dramatic times.

Preface: I hope that over the next few days I make a compelling case for dire and genuine need that the Apple community that I so love will help me with.

Media is changing. Quickly. But more importantly, information absorption is changing. I'm not really speaking of the internet per se - a revolution in free speech, self discovery, and knowledge acquisition. More importantly, I'm speaking of blogs. Blogs are changing the way we see things and think about important issues. The blogging phenomenon stems from the nature of man not to be confined. Since the beginning of writing - we have respected that someone would write something down for us, we would believe it, and if pertinent to our lives we would form an opinion around the issue.

In today's modern media - often called the mainstream media we are spoon fed little doses of bias politics and indoctrinated into a way of thinking - simply to be like the Jones'. Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly often refer to the mainstream media in this manner. And for the most part they are right. You have to be realistic if you are a democrat - there must be a reason Air America went off the air and Rush Limbaugh remains the most syndicated radio talk show and Bill O'Reilly is the #1 rated news show on TV.

Both Limbaugh and O'Reilly refer more and more to blogs. Limbaugh even refers to some blogs on a recurring basis. While at the same time ... the mainstream media has simply ignored the medium or disguised embracing blogs by putting up their own blogging sites. The mainstream media simply reports for profit. They purposely sensationalize or incite viewers rather than engaging them with intelligent and factual balanced news. Bloggers (and from the outside looking in newscasters like O'Reilly and commentators like Limbaugh) report for pleasure and the desire for the truth. Bloggers and a select few members of the media may go against grain out of a desire to help their fellow man understand the world and therefore prosper.

"To enable one man to prosper and be happy is to allow him to enable such in another"

My mission here over the last four years has been similar.

Over the last two years I have pared down my friend base. Currently I have only a few close friends. This is a "circle of trust" if you will. I know that each cares genuinely for me and I care genuinely for them. I consider this blog and readers much the same. I post on this blog not only to educate and assist, but to save my friends money.

I am a Pisces. Not that I put too much in the zodiac or astrology, but the Pisces description fits me pretty well:

Artistic, inwardly sensitive, wise beyond years

Most of my friends come to me for advice. In fact, just yesterday my friend who has taken a job as a cellular service representative, called me to ask how to transfer contacts from one service to another. I was happy to tell him and even more happy that I had the answer. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping others - especially if my point of view or solution is different than the status quo. Enter this blog ....

Stay tuned ...

Later today I will explain my current state of mind and why there is need for action in my life (and yours). If you can identify with what I've said so far ... you'll be very concerned with what is happening in my life.

To me; a great writer is quoted; a great author is simply understood.

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