Thursday, September 07, 2006

Interesting look at buying a Dell from DELL.COM vs a Mac from APPLE.COM

Titled "What The Dell?" - here's an interesting blog entry on how hard it is to buy a Dell from DELL.COM.

Even though there is a little lack of creativity in the title [how many times has that been used?] this blog has a great perspective on buying an All In One from the two rivals.

Buying A Dell ... or not

I do question the author's process a bit though.

He apparently was already signed up for "one click" - something that you must register for if you have never purchased from Amazon or Apple before. This adds a lengthy step to any purchase from the Apple Store.

Personally, I have an extra step to all of my purchases from Apple because I use MYPOINTS ... which can also be used for DELL as well. [Saves me about 2%]

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Anonymous said...

Yeah.  Stupid title.  Changed.

I don't believe I have one-click anything configured.   I simply went to the main product page and clicked the "buy now" button.

Now, of course, none of this was intended to be any kind of a real analysis of either site.  Simply a comment on my rather painful experience of trying to get more informatino on a piece of Dell hardware that caught my eye.