Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here's why I hate rumor sites ...

Here's a reason I hate Apple Rumor Websites ...

They make statements like this:

Think Secret

While we must stress the odds are currently stacked against a 2006 release for the touch-screen iPod, if it were our $349 on the line for one of those new 80GB 5G iPods, we'd hold off on that final purchasing decision for a couple months...

Let your readers say that in their own heads. The report was actually good speculation until the last sentence was thrown in.

Think Secret will never have the defense that they don't intentionally try to direct purchasing decisions with their reporting.


Anonymous said...

Actually you are pointing out EXACTLY why I read rumor sites. My wife wanted an iPod, knowing the approximate release date for new products helps me to time my purchases so that I can maximize my value. Thus, I was able to get new features and a fifty dollar discount.

I am always amazed at the number of posts were people, go, gee, if only I'd know I would have waited another week. Well folks, you can know, not with certainty, but you can at least wait until the next round of updates that appear with regularity, before buying.


FYT said...

But there will always be updates at least twice a year. And there were just updates.

The wording of "the wait" is what i'm complaining about.

Unless you have a personal experience that would indicate otherwise ... legally you can't tell people not to buy a product.

I do understand your point. I direct my purchasing decisions based on speculation and time release tables ... but I don't let rumor sites tell me directly not to buy.

According to most rumor sites ... the current iPods are actually "very slightly different" from the iPods that have been shipping since June.