Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Forget Bluetooth What About IRDA Wireless?

As I was clearing out some older inventory yesterday I came across an old WebTV unit. These were [are] 56k modem TV as your display internet connections. They use wireless keyboards based on the same standard that the Apple Remote uses.

My question: Would it be possible to write a driver for such keyboards for Macs?

IRDA keyboards are cheap or sometimes even free. This would also be a great way to recycle WebTV keyboards as they are easy to find in thrift stores, eBay, and flea markets.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking at that now...but for a palm. I think it has something to do with the IrDA protocol, as to whether it would be compatable. Have you tried it? Anything?

FYT said...

The Infrared on Macs is fully compliant and the infrared on the keyboards is standard - it would just take a driver to be written