Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Business Proposal: The Apple Part Number Wiki

Apple Part Number Wiki


Wiki(s) are currently all the rage. Part reference, part social networking app - I have seen lots of Wiki references popping up lately. Well, now there's one I need that doesn't exist; an Apple part number Wiki.

I have 100's of Mac Service parts still in the box. For most, I can just type the Apple part number or a simple description into Google and get an easy reply. But some that don't have a simple description or a easy to find part number - you can have difficulty knowing what a part is or what part you may need if your Mac or Apple peripheral needs something to make it right.

I thought of this last night as I was tring to lookup what 922-0631 (a paper transfer unit) goes to. Which LaserWriter did this go to?

I scoured Google and Apple part sites like PreOwned Electronics. Usually you can find part numbers by scouring eBay too.

Do any of you know of any Apple part # websites or resources? Do any of you think an Apple Part Number Wiki that anyone in the Mac community can contribute to would be a great resource? I think users adding install tips or cross references for Apple products like LaserWriters to HP and Canon parts would be awesome!

I realize that Wiki(s) are open and freely contributed to, but I feel a resource like this could be sponsored by Google ADwords ... linking to the eBay sellers and parts resources that have the parts being described.

[UPDATE] A reader email suggested starting a Wiki myself at yourname.wiki.com - I don't have the time and I would only be able to contribute a few ... I still think it could actually pay for itself plus some.


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look in the right side column for email address ... thanks

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FYT said...

everymac doesn't have hardly any part numbers or model numbers - can you point to where ... maybe I'm missing something.