Sunday, August 27, 2006

You have an Apple Macintosh. Your house should smell like it!


Middle-agedman said...

While I certainly agree with your statement, I think that if you are posting what would otherwise appear to be an ad in an article's place that you need to have some article there.

I am originally from New England and my family has been buying Yankee Candles since they were a small shop. They have always produced a great product and their Apple Macintosh candle is one of many that is sold nationwide. They have excellent, excellent products and could easily be considered the "Apple Macintosh" of the candle world as a company.

I know you may not have had time to craft an article for this product endorsement (and I fully support your endorsing the product as mentioned above) but I think an article that details why you showcase this product would be appropriate for the tenor of your website. There are lots of websites out there that exist primarily for the sale of ads and products and yours is clearly not one of them.

You typically have some kind of article content under product endorsements and I would like to at least something in the comments that would show why you picked this product to showcase.

FYT said...

I've got to get the picture hosted in the blog before I can do content on it. I also wanted show Yankee Candle a sample ad before I contacted them about an affiliate.

I have been using Yankee Candle (apple scented) for a long time.