Thursday, August 03, 2006

One day they'll find this website and read it!

As reported by Engadget:

Ah-ha, so it turns out those four million OLPCs may not actually be bagged after all -- big surprise. Apparently the mixup began when OLPC program director for Middle East and Africa Khaled Hassounah supposedly told DesktopLinux that Nigeria had committed to an order of a million units, and Argentina, Brazil, and Thailand were right behind them with "similar" orders of their own. Except not really. According to ZDNet UK, that information is flat-out "incorrect," according to OLPC, and that despite Hassounah's statements they're not yet prepared to distribute commercialized versions of the device. Taking pre-commercial device orders for something like the OLPC is absolutely nothing out of the realm of the ordinary in our opinion, but it seems like a little PR-spurned informational infighting has turned the project from "pedagogically suspect" to factually suspect overnight. Perhaps we should leave them to their device-making for now, and worry later about who is and isn't placing orders for quantities of computers large enough to make even the thinnest-margin manufacturers sweat and drool.

No other commentary necessary other a rather interesting 15 minutes of fame (have you noticed how there's been several of those) for this website for a previous article:

I Hate Children & Their Little Laptops Too!

I believe this to be a a scam by Negroponte (OLPC pusher) - even if he skims 1 cent off the top ... he makes millions. If he skims $1 off the top (probably easy to do) - he makes BILLIONS!

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