Friday, August 25, 2006

Never Leave It Past Newer's Larry

Never leave it past Larry O'Conner of Other World Computer to not take advantage of an Apple press release:

Newer issues statement on Apple battery recall

Newer Technology today issued the following statement regarding Apple's portable battery recall... In the wake of the announcement of Apple's recall of 1.8 Million iBook and PowerBook batteries that use Sony cell technology (on the heels of Dell's recall of 4.1 million batteries that use Sony cell technology), Larry O'Connor, President of Newer Technology said this: "Newer Technology Inc. manufacturers high capacity replacement batteries for Apple notebook computers. Unlike Apple and Dell, NewerTech does not utilize Sony cells; the company uses only the highest quality cells imported from Japan and Canada and manufactures the batteries in the USA."

While I'm sure it was a fluke ... I have had to return TWO of Newer's Hi capacity batteries for PowerBook G4's over the past year (out of the 6 I've sold to clients). The problem was they would last as long as advertised but the charge indicator never changed and the battery always showed 100% charge.

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