Friday, August 25, 2006

If they want respect for any effort ...

* from Greenpeace (click for larger view)

Greenpeace is going to have to stop acting like enviromentalist whackos if they want respect for any effort.

Today Greenpeace issued this report:

The biggest names in electronics have just sat their first global exam on their green credentials. Ranked on their use of toxic chemicals and electronic waste (e-waste) policies only Dell and Nokia scraped a barely respectable score while Apple, Motorola, and Lenovo flunked the test to finish bottom of the class.

I had not been to the Greenpeace website in a while ... I had forgotten what a nut job weirdo site it is ... now I've got to spend my day driving my truck aimlessly to waste gas, eat meat, and buy fur just to protest them!

The thing is ... Apple computers aren't even tossed NEARLY as much as PCs ...Apple computers are used MUCH longer than PCs ... Apple has a MUCH greater hobby/enthusiast/collector following than ANY other PC manufacturer (or maybe even electronic device manufacturer)


Anonymous said...

Your points about Macs not ending up in the trash and having longer a longer usage life are both correct, but they really have nothing to do with how Greenpeace came up with the list.

The two criteria they used were the number of harmful components in the systems as well as how good the company is at helping customers recycle expired products. I tend to agree that Apple has been lack luster in both of these areas. It really doesn't matter if a computer sits on a desk for 3 years or 10 years. If it is bad for the enviornment it is going to be that way when it finally ends up in a landfill no matter how long it was in use.

Middle-agedman said...

It really doesn't matter how "green" a computer is if ten times as many of them ends up in a landfill. The point that Apple computers are typically used for much longer and even when not used are typically just plain KEPT for much longer is quite significant.

They must have left the part out about Dell's former efforts to save money recycling by using prison labor, subjecting inmates to hazardous materials and conditions to save a few bucks.

If Dell's computers are 33% less harmful to the environment but twice as many go into the landfills that adds up to a larger environmental impact. I can assure you that a Dell computer will get scrapped three times quicker than a Mac of any flavor. I have seen it personally. On top of that, due to their marketshare achieved by creating cheap computers designed to GO to the landfill three times faster, Dell probably contributes to a much higher concentration of harmful materials than all of the other manufacturers combined, making them good as Dell at pollution.

Anonymous said...

"Dell probably contributes to a much higher concentration of harmful materials than all of the other manufacturers combined, making them good as Dell at pollution."

While Dell sells more computers than Apple, you seem to gloss over that Apple sells millions of iPods a quarter and that they are far more disposable than computers.

FYT said...

Not true ... the recycled iPod market is HUGE (look on eBay and any iPod accessory or repair store) - what person throws away an iPod? If for nothing you display it as cool art!

Anonymous said...

"buy it as cool art"??

granted most of these debates come down to feirce mac loyalty, the issue here is more about production and expertise. if dell provides information on how to properly dispose of electronic waste, then they're the better for it. if dell produces material that is easier to dispose then they've gone a step further.

also, ipods have irreplacable batteries that aren't guaranteed longer than 18 mos. EVEN IF your device lasts longer than that, when its done, you're just going to trash it...

FYT said...

NO iPod has an irreplaceable battery! What are you talking about?

Further, I know of few people that throw them away ... they usually try to get them fixed and then MOST repair shops, recycle them or in my case I sell them on eBay to pay for the "diagnosis" if the customer doesn't want to pay to have it fixed.

iPods are contributing so little to any landfill that it is laughable to even have this conversation from that angle

Anonymous said...

"Not true ... the recycled iPod market is HUGE. (look on eBay and any iPod accessory or repair store) "

I looked on ebay. Almost 6000 iPods for sale. Compared to the millions sold, this is not huge.

Apple has no recycle program for iPods and the recycle program for Macs is not very good. While I have a host of issues with Greenpeace, calling Apple out on this is not one of them.

I like Apple a lot, and it bothers me they have such poor enviornmental policy, but I won't pretend they don't.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you can't read.

Apple Announces Free iPod Recycling Program at US Retail Stores
Customers Offered 10 Percent Discount on New iPod Purchases
CUPERTINO, California—June 3, 2005—Apple® announced a free recycling program for iPod®, the world’s most popular digital music player. Beginning today, customers can bring iPods they no longer want to any of Apple’s 100 retail stores in the US for free environmentally friendly disposal, and those who drop off an iPod, iPod mini or iPod photo will receive a 10 percent discount on the purchase of a new iPod that day.

iPods received for recycling in the US are processed domestically and no hazardous material is shipped overseas. More details of Apple’s worldwide recycling programs are available at