Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How Do You See WWDC?

Last week, Matt Neuberg of TidBits, in a piece called The Decline of WWDC had a critique of Apple's Developer Conference. The main critique being the dislike for the food and freebies. Yesterday Scott Stevenson rebutted. My favorite part of his "rebuttal" was this:

Matt Neuberg said: Is it really possible that renting the Moscone Center and paying for the equipment and logistics for presenting and recording the lectures is so expensive that Apple can't afford to give back more of those fees in the form of gifts and better food?

Scott Stevenson rebuttal: Can they afford it? Absolutely. Is it worth getting upset about? I don't think so.

There is also the question of what this deterioration in WWDC's surface quality implies about Apple's attitude towards its developers. Apple used to honor its developers, as being the creators of the front line of Macintosh usability; now it feeds them like rats and herds them like cattle.

I think somebody says this every year. It's like "kids used to respect their parents." I wasn't writing Mac software in 1985, but it sounds like Apple got everyone to WWDC via private jet, on which they dined on caviar and spotted owl.

People, these are not real problems. I actually thought WWDC 2006 was the best organized conference yet. Setting up the schedules was a breeze, and virtually all the sample code and materials were available exactly when they should be.


In Defense Of WWDC by Scott Stevenson


The Decline Of WWDC by Matt Neuberg

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