Tuesday, August 08, 2006

eMail answered ...

I received the follwing eMail last night:

... so if you claim to be a Mac news website why didn't you have any news about the World Wide Developer's Conference yesterday?

1) I DID! here's an exerpt from a post yesterday:

Don't forget that WWDC is today ... big announcements are expected:

My predictions: [UPDATED]

- Mac Pro : to take place of G5 Tower (check - introduced)
- New XServes - with the whole Intel thing vis a vis making ALL Macs contain Intel CPUs (check - introduced)

- A very unusual feature in Leopard regarding social networking
- A new application of some sorts (just premonition) (check - introduced) * Time Machine

The maybe announced:

- Speed bumped MacBook Pros, iMacs, and Mac Minis
- Apple Security measures - virus program/firewall/spam filterer

What won't be announced and the reason why:

- iPhone - it does exist, it IS ready, and it is being stockpiled for distribution ... however, I think it will be delayed to be the "stock lifter" for post-stock option scandal news at this point.

- New displays with built in iSight. I think this may be around the corner ... but I don't think the iSight is out of production just yet ... I believe these two things will coincide.

I was 99.9% right ... I believe.

The only thing I was partially wrong about was a social networking app in Leopard ... but that doesn't mean it's not going to be there.

2) This website isn't about rehashing. Just about every news and technology outlet discussed WWDC yesterday. So, it wasn't news for this site - there wasn't a controversy ... everything went as expected. That said, if you were a regular reader of FixYourThinking you would know the following:

... I think Apple has gotten much better at this over the last 2 years ... one way is by having hyped events with small surprises. This way ... media can't alweays expect something revolutionary. (And financial analysts won't take a chunk out of Apple stock the next day either.)

This didn't exactly play well for Apple yesterday as far as a stock boost ... mostly due to the "Executive Stock Options" scandal that seems to be brewing.

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