Friday, August 18, 2006

Click, Print, and Read This Weekend!

Exhaustive look at the "stock options issues" Apple is facing - this article has some interesting history and possibly indicates the source of these problems in accounting as Gil Amelio (CEO of Apple prior to Steve Jobs) - showing him to leave yet another blemish on Apple's history.

eBay further modifies it's "Seller Trespassing" policy - eBay has had a little feature over the past year called "cross promotion" - it is essentially a listing of "similar items" from OTHER SELLERS. It is my opinion that my auction page (if I am the seller) is MY PAGE ... I consider it like land. I consider this a form of trespassing that eBay is allowing (at profit I might add) - sellers have to pay to be featured on other seller's pages. I think this is a very confusing implementation. I have already been asked in my auctions about the items on the bottom of my selling pages. Some novice buyers who are unaware seem to think the "suggested items" at the bottom of my auction pages ARE my items.

Apple issues statement about iPod factory conditions - although I've already mentioned this below - it is worth reading the actual Apple page. What amazes me is that there has been NO RETRACTION whatsoever from the UK paper that published the false claim and seems to have forced Apple to go to a great expense to disprove the original false claim.

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