Friday, August 18, 2006

Blog For Attorneys That Use Macs

The Mac Lawyer

An interesting new blog started to keep track of lawyers who use Macs. (And provide perspective from a Mac Using Attorney)

You just gotta hope this isn't "a lose interest quickly" blog and the author keeps it up.

It's a little rough around the edges right now and a little redundant and "linked elsewhere" ... but it has potential.

From the site:

Welcome to the Mac Lawyer

Welcome to ye old Mac Lawyer. I cover law practice management and legal tech from a the perspective of a life-long Macintosh user.

Let's begin.


Anonymous said...

As a law student and a Mac, I know first hand that the main impediment to using Macs in the legal profession is software compatibility. Do you want to take exams with Exam4? You need Windows? Secure Exam is cross compatible, but my school decided not to use it. Want to use PC Law or amicus attorney? Yep. Windows again. While I will continue to use Macs (using Bootcamp and Parallels to run Windows only software), these solutions simply aren't feasible for law firms to implement. It is easier to run Windows natively on standard PC boxes, despite all of
Windows problems. Windows is not better than OS X, but the majority of legal software is written for it.


FYT said...

Agreed ... Parallels and virtualization should change that though.

As you stated there are Mac alternatives and a more attorneys use them ... more alternatives will surface.