Monday, August 14, 2006

Be Careful He Sells Snake Oil In His Other Job

Author Galen Zink asserts in a very quasi-blog way that Apple power adapters are dangerous by design.

In fact ... he even goes as far to show the critics of his article this picture, which he says proves Apple is aware of the issue and has "slilently fixed it".

His claim here is that the only logical reason Apple has modified it's power adapter over the last 5 YEARS is because the adapters fail, spark, and could possibly start a fire!

This is a pretty bold claim. He even backs it up saying that Apple has received hundreds of failed power adapters ... wow ... hundreds aye ... what is that ... 1/10 of 1% of all Apple laptops sold in the last 5 YEARS!

Power adapters fail for different reasons ... the first and foremost is air circulation. I'm sure there is a small defect rate as well.

But be careful of this guy's commentary ... he apparently figured out that "touchy Apple subjects" are a hot topic and generate hits. Why would Zink want to generate hits? Why to sell a sugar substitute and apparently some sort of food enhancement product.

The article appears to have been written with the SOLE INTENT of being placed onto DIGG rather than an informed piece of consumer awareness.

Why the article alone has generated 100 links to his site in just 48 hours and his and domains are rocketing up the charts.

Be careful folks of the intent ... Creative my be an investor in Zink Foods!


Anonymous said...

My original power adaptor for my G3 iBook failed - it was the same type as the one in the left of the picture.

No, don't worry it was actually the fancy schmancy glowy plug on the end of the cable which 'failed'.

The plug had been subjected to one or two 'trip accidents' and it loosened one of the wires inside the male plug part. Then the silver 'cap' came loose exposing the plug innards. Guess I could have fixed it with a very small soldering iron....

So the new MagSafe adaptor is a good idea for clumsy idiots like me who like to trip over trailing power leads....

FYT said...

I actually appreciate the MAGSAFE idea so much it was a deciding factor in my purchase of my MacBook.

the ripping out of the power adapter due to my "clumsy legs" was an issue to me.

I would imagine Apple is at or below the average power adapter failure rate amongst computer makers

Anonymous said...

My Powerbook from aboout 4 years ago had an AC adapter that went out in a momentary sparking blaze of glory. Of course, I had wound the cord tight many times when packing up putting stress at the connection. Apple realized the design issue and it's obviously gotten strudier with each generation - and I leave more play in the cable, too.

FYT said...

I will be the first to admit that the design of Apple AC adapters has always taken precedence over heat disapation and "cordage".

I think Apple AC's get very hot ... that said ... I believe the majority of failures to be due to user error and to the consequence of improper surge protection and plugging into random outlets.