Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wait a week or two to get the truth behind the Mac Headlines

As usual, the Mac Web reporters who dashed out to get a piece of the "controversial news pie" have been proven wrong again. Just after the 10.4.7 update was released for Tiger, news came that Dashboard now contacted Apple to "make sure you had official widgets". The Mac web was up in arms that Apple was stealing obtaining private information without consent.

A website called MacGeekery has discovered the following:

As summarized by The Unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW:

Mac Geekery debunks Dashboard 'phoning home'

JC, at Mac Geekery has used some UNIX tricks to do some digging into the whole 'Dashboard phoning home' topic that's been heating up the Mac web lately. After all is said and done and JC lays out exactly what is happening, he concludes that not only is Mac OS X 10.4.7 not sending any personal data (which we've already been told), but you actually give Apple more data about yourself simply by visiting Apple.com. Here's hoping those worried about Apple trampling their privacy can sleep a little better at night.

And personally, I'm of the opinion that I trust Apple enough (not to be like Microsoft) ... if they need information ... they can have any demographic information they wish to have from me <--- that is as long as they guard and do not abuse that information by selling it or not securing it on a server from prying eyes. I've seen nothing to contrary - so Apple ... it's ok!

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