Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Today is an interesting day ... I have two updates for you.

On June 20th 2006, I received this email from Bill Palmer and responded within a few hours of receiving it:


Congratulations, you have won an iProng T-shirt in the iProng Name Game contest. We will need your mailing address as well as your T-shirt size preference (S, M, L, XL). Your T-shirt will ship within two weeks of your reply to this email.

Much thanks,
Bill Palmer
iProng (formerly iPod Garage) Publisher and Founder

Let's note: "will ship within two weeks of your reply to this email"

Today is July 11th 2006 ... making it 24 days since I haven't received my TShirt and 10 days since not receiving it within two weeks. It's not that I want the TShirt ... it's the principal of the thing.


Tomorrow, July 12th will be a new milestone in Jack Miller missing from the web = 9 months. As an update, it appears that Jack is alive but not well. It appears as if he had gone through some tough personal times and a bout of depression (and may still be). I still think that Jack Miller should have updated his site with just a one sentence update at the 6 month mark, but I somewhat understand if he has had to withdraw from life on the net. Many people, including myself, truly miss him. It's been hard finding a replacement in my bookmarks ... but I think I have moved on with John Gruber's Daring Fireball and I have discovered the hillarity of YouTube.

Even though this blurb below appeared on the very lame and extremely weird site "As The Apple Turns 2" ... Jack has yet to materialize:

AtAT Forum contributors are reporting that the previously dead reruns section of As the Apple Turns web site is back online. One report even said that Jack will begin work on the website again "soonish". That discussion then quickly devolved into the merits of scented candles. He would be so proud. Sniffle.

As many of you guys know, AtAT2 was launched as an AtAT parody in Jack's absence. If and when Jack comes back, ha ha, we're happy to abdicate the throne. And by throne we mean toilet. Like, one of those low-profile Kohler ones, those are cool. Especially if it was yellow. Hey, then you couldn't tell if it had been...

At any rate, Jack's not back yet, so in the meantime, in the interest of extreme crappiness, we're doing 3 episodes, updated once a week.

July 11th is officially titled "Mac Community Missing In Action Day" or McMAD for short.

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Anonymous said...

To be fair to William he has just moved the iPorng HQ from Orlando to South Beach, so your t-shirt could well be still packed up in his boxes - or maybe he gave the movers free iPorng T's.....

But he is obviously settled in enought to go out and buy his first ever pair of Nike shoes (Apple's marketing worked here!!) - I guess it means he can walk to his local 'pizza-by-the-slice' outlet while his iPod tells him "You don't need to eat pizza.."

FYT said...

I'm actually not getting on to him for that reason ... I understand he's a busy guy ... but a "within two weeks statement is just that ... seeing since it was statistically IMPOSSIBLE for the winners to be xenacarpenter and statisically illegal for bfluid to win ... I was suppose to get the Nano ... I think I'm being quite reasonable by not contacting authorities over a fixed contest.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you should - just checked the dates and he posted his "I'm Moving.." on 14 June, then posted his "bitchin' about..." on 7 July and his Nike Shopping trip on the July 13, so he's had a reasonable amount of time to stick a t-shirt in a Jiffy Bag and stick it in the mail.

He has the time to post 'insulting' replies to his 'staff' on his forums...

Strength - iProng Forums Moderator - wrote:
"Look Bill, not eveyone can afford 99 cents a song."

billpalmer - iProng Founder -Thu Jul 13, 2006 5:51 pm
"Oh, bulls--t.

If you can't scrape together one lousy dollar to download a song, then you don't need to have that song in your collection. Period.

Trying to make such a stupid argument such as "stealing music is okay if you can't afford a dollar" just makes you look like (I was going to so no offense, but you can get offended if you want), it makes you look like a child who doesn't know s--t about anything.

You're too smart and too mature to be going around making such a stupid and immature argument like that."


Let's face it he's only moved 250 or so miles across state - he is giving 'being tardy' a whole new meaning...

And I haven't seen any posts from the other winners - 'xenacarpenter' (what planet are they from?) doesn't even appear to acknowledge the win on her/his blog...but that might be due to the rantings about Satan and "the most high" and "wolves in sheep's clothing".....Geez........

...and 'bfluid' has not praised the Lord for his $50 iTMS certificate on the iPorng forum or on his own 'Lordy Lordy iPoders' forum or GodBlog...

I hope you will model the i-P-rong T when you finally get it - that's if he doesn't send you a size Small.......

FYT said...

He actually had plenty of time to announce the winners in a reasonable timeframe = a few days after contest end.

If I was him ... to avoid any more bad PR from FIxYourThinking I would have overnighted me a shirt. I would have reported very favorably ... instead he's turned this into a debacle.

I have a very funny "thing i'm going to do" with my TShirt regarding a picture.