Monday, July 31, 2006

Sparse news for a reason

There are a few reasons for the sparse news as of late ...

1) First and foremost ... I sold my PowerBook G4 (my main machine) kind of on a spontaneous sale on Friday of last week. I immediately backed it up and delivered it to the buyer. I thought I would be able to boot an iMac G3 with the firewire hard drive in which I backed up my data on ... and I could have - if I had the firmware updated. However, I can't load the firmware because my internet access has been limited (Eternal Charter Cable problems)

2) I have been busy with a lot of things in my life ... moving/removing/moving back in (long story) ... I've also had to deal with a lawsuit (Google for Bidzirk vs Smith) that is consuming a lot of my time and energy. Further, this is my busiest time of year (Back To School) as an Apple Sales and Service Consultant (My Daily Planet equivalent)

3) News is actually slow but there are some interesting things floating around the web:

I'm not going to say any more than this ... but the rumors of the iPod Phone are not rumors ... trust me. I may go mysteriously missing for saying that much. ... kind of interesting info that Apple has let go a lot of the forum moderation staff.

MacBook Pro batteries are being recalled ... already published here.


Anonymous said...

I noticed my comment was deleted on the post about me.

FYT said...

yep because it was inaccurate - I in no way said anything about the contest results because I am persecuting christians ... that was a stupid comment and was deleted as such.