Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shhhizzle Recall On The Apple Battery Thizzle

Gathered from XLR8YourMac:

Silent Recall of Early MacBook Pro Batteries?

"... found this link indicating a silent recall on MacBook Pro batteries with the serial numbers up to W8608. If a person has a bad battery they will randomly shut down within minutes of running on battery. The onboard indicator will show a full charge and then randomly show different charge levels."

Here is a link:

From XLR8YourMac: There were some past posts/photos here of bulging batteries and I wondered if Apple would eventually post a battery recall. (There's a post w/photo of a swollen battery down the page here of MacBook Pro owner reports and tips.) There were some very early reports of random shutdowns which some blamed on 3rd party memory. (But I don't think they were seen only on battery power.)

One thing I preach a lot to my customers in my Apple tech biz (My Daily Planet equivalent) ... never buy the first generation of anything.

This will be added to the Apple & Apple Related Recalls Section here on Fix Your Thinking

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