Monday, July 17, 2006

PayPal Pays Out

I got a deposit in my Paypal account today as settlement for the class action against Paypal for not fairly disputing transactions.

In my case, I sent $120 to a guy in Canada for a laptop. After 30 days and no shipment I filed a dispute with Paypal, the next day they received a fedex tracking number and closed the dispute. The next day following, I received a brick in the mail. Yes - a brick. This was the case I used in my claim in part of the class action.

From a previous story I did on Paypal in 2002:

I personally have had 3 losses resulting from Paypal. One I was able to recover $54.50. The other, I applied for a Cyno-sure insurance claim and was just approved two weeks back for reimbursement. It will only be $200 - I paid $303.76, but that's better than nothing. The other transaction I lost on, and well, I learned a lesson ... don't accept email offers. I sent $120 to a "Canadian" - no shipment received in 30 days - I filed a Paypal complaint - he typed in a tracking number - that appeased Paypal - I received a brick via FedEx. Yes folks, a brick!

That said, I have saved COUNTLESS amounts of time and money with the conveiniance of Paypal. I can also instantly refund money with little hassle. If you don't use Paypal, you're an idiot in my opinion.

My total losses from Paypal have been about $170.00 ... the settlement was obviously less than that with the difference going to lawyer's purses.

I wanted to provide a screenshot of the email so you wouldn't think it was a phishing scam.


Anonymous said...

Was that the latest iBrick you were sent?....

Anonymous said...

The cube power supply and macmini power supply are also called "a brick"

Anonymous said...

The cyno-sure financial for
cannot read their own claim form
online, but need it printed out for
a hard copy to mail it to them to
read. I have waited over 45 days
and cyno-sure financial will "let me
know of their decision. I feel as though I've been double scammed
once by the scam auction and twice
by the buyer protection program.