Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More News Corrections From Trusted Sources Of News?

Worth noting ... many popular websites ... even John Gruber's Daring Fireball reported that Apple had admitted to white MacBooks staining ...

Well ... looky at what came out today ...

As reported by MacRumors:

Jason O'Grady posts on his ZDNet blog that Apple has acknowledged and identified the cause of a staining issue that was affecting a small but significant number of MacBook owners.
It appears that the original MacBook plastics were too porous which led to staining after oils become embedded in it from prolonged use.

Apple changed the formulation of plastics in the production line already, so the newest models arriving in retail stores shouldn't have the same problem. The newer top case is reportedly much smoother to the touch than the previous MacBooks which feel slightly rougher.

While Apple typically does not support cosmetic issues that does not affect the operation of the computer, users that have the issue can contact AppleCare to arrange for a replacement of their top casing.

Update: Macworld.co.uk claims that the above report is incorrect, and says that according to Apple representatives that they have talked to, the staining is still under investigation by Apple, and Apple is not officially recognizing the issue as of yet. Still, Apple is encouraging users with the issue to contact AppleCare.

Two notes ... this proves yet again that Jason O'Grady makes up whatever news he can to generate hits without regard to the truth, thorough investigation, or promotion of "hope this isn't true".

Also, I have read in several places that the new matte finish on the MacBooks gets dirtier easy ... it's not staining as much as it is oil from the skin getting deep down into the plastic, getting hot, and appearing to be discolored. From what I have read, it's easy to remove with scratch remover ... and has the side benefit from protecting the MacBook from scratches and future staining. I do think Apple should look into this, but it's more an issue of dirty user's hands than faulty Apple product manufacture.


Anonymous said...

I have one of the original white iBooks (G3 600MHz) which had the silver 'metal' effect keyboard surround/palmrest.
Over the time I have had this iBook the finish has taken on a shiny patina (as has the trackpad) and I did notice that when Apple brought out it's replacement the silver finish was replaced with a matt white one.

After a short time in stores these were looking really grubby, while my old iBook still looks silver...

I have to wonder how well the new MBs will stand up to the sweat and grease. The new black MacBook looks nice, until you look at a well used one - fingerprints, grease and that shiny film soon builds up.

When I get around to replacing the old iBook I think I'll stretch the cash and go for a 15" MBPro, just to get a finish which doesn't show these marks as much....

FYT said...

i try to wait for rev 2 or rev 3 of anything

The Pismo was the height of perfection and the iBook G4 (final release) was a very close second