Monday, July 10, 2006

Louderback; the louder mouth on the Today Show dissing iPods

Jim Louderback, a former TechTV host, was on the Today Show on NBC this morning. He was the "ipod competitor & rumor porn" speaker du jour this morning.

The segment was introduced as "A look at Microsoft's new iPod Competitor"

I'd like to give a little primer about this "news segment":

Its not a competitor until they have a product. This whole segment was introduced as if the Today Show had an exclusive look at a real product that Microsoft was about to introduce. You would have thought by the multiple segment teasers and introductions that the Today Show was going to have a physical device in their hands showing it off to the public for the first time.

The segment, which had lead in credits by MSNBC (that's the Microsoft/NBC liberal leaning FoxNews competitor) featured sound bites from Jim Louderback making comments that finally the iPod will have a competitor when Microsoft rolls out a new player. It concerns me that the segment was not prefaced or footnoted that MSNBC is a Microsoft partnership with NBC. I thought it was a broadcast or news requirement for such a disclaimer.

* Jim Louderback

My two cents about this ... Jim Louderback is still bitter about being "marginalized" at TechTV because of a debacle in covering MacWorld Expo in 2001 for TechTV. He voiced over the keynote and took pot shots at Mac Users during Steve Job's speech. Apple obviously raised a pretty big stink about this, as did a lot of the Mac web. Over the next few weeks, Louderback seemed to have less and less of a role at TechTV.

I'll cover more about this in another segment ... after it's available online ...I'll link to the show.

* The Today Show associates itself with MSNBC for it's news segments

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Middle-agedman said...

That segment was totally ridiculous; like you said, the lead-in made you think that Microsoft had a product they were unveiling or announcing RIGHT THEN. Turns out it was total vaporware. I was hopping mad after I waited around to see "the competition" only to see NOTHING. Since when is the promise of a product considered to be competition?

I think the news staff at NBC had the same viewpoint because ALL THREE made it a point to say that they were all iPod users; one of them said that he owned five iPods and Ann Curry referred to herself as a "Nano Girl." It was almost as if they were covering the segment under protest.

The iPod has no competition at all. The iPod is like Michael Jordan in his prime and the other music players are like average college basketball players. No one would have EVER referred to the average college basketball player as Michael Jordan's COMPETITION. Its like comparing a Ford to a Ferrari. The comparisons are nauseatingly endless and nauseatingly ridiculous.

Microsoft will NEVER EVER EVER be able to compete with the iPod. Period. If Bill Gates were to stop giving money to charity and earmark all of it for music player research only, they would NEVER best the iPod. Microsoft has never been able to do ANYTHING better than Apple. EVER. PERIOD.

Settle for second best, Microsoft. Number One is already taken.