Friday, July 14, 2006

In honor of the distorted news a lot of the Mac Web has been posting lately

This is a great optical illusion that tricks the brain temporarily ... it's one of the coolest illusions I think I have ever seen.

Standard disclaimers apply:

1) This did not originate from me

2) If you have epileptic tendencies ... be aware that this is a very intense illusion

3) This is nothing short of incredible.

It's best to look at a plant or a very detailed inanimate object when the video tells you to look away. Make sure you stare at the center of the video for the full 25 seconds. Try to stare at the center of the screen and if you have the option ... make the video full screen. If the video starts before fully downloading ... pause and allow it to fully load first ... then resume. The affect will be minimized at best if it pauses in mid-play.


Anonymous said...

it didn't seem to work for me?

Anonymous said...

I noticed a slight difference but nothing incredible ... maybe because I tricked my mind into thinking about something else while the illusion was on ... lol, i got scared, i thought i was being hypnotised.

FYT said...

If you do it right ... any object you look at will look like it is warping ... it looks like plants are in a violent windstorm for about 10 seconds.

It can make you dizzy.

It's better to find the video, download it and watch it full screen ... but if you stare at the smaller version in the center of the screen you will get the effect - do it for the full length of the video it takes that long to "condition your eyes"

Anonymous said...

WOW that is totally weird. When i looked away anything i looked at seemed to be kinda warping. As i said that is really weird, but also very cool ;)