Friday, July 07, 2006

eBay says "No way" to Google Pay

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As some eBayers already may know ... eBay created a new help page yesterday called; "Accepted Payment Policy"

On this page, eBay listed PayPal alternatives that are not certified to use for auction payment and therefore will not be warranted for an investigation in any transaction in dispute.

The eBay page listed these services as either scams or unacceptable:

Payment Services not permitted on eBay:,,,,,,, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold,,, EuroGiro,, Google Checkout, gcash, GearPay,,,,, Liberty Dollars,,,,,,, paypay, Postepay,,,,, stamps, Stormpay,,

Look at the services I highlighted. First, you'll notice that eBay has added Google's new "Google checkout" to the list. I'm not quite sure why this was added and it might be of value to eBay to place a small description or explanation that reasons why each service cannot be used.

While I love PayPal and think they have gotten better over the last year ... I still want an alternative. Since this BLOG is based on Blogger ( which is Google owned ) I would like an easier way to process micropayments and donations. Plus, Google Payments will eventually offer link revenue sharing. Most of the articles here are found after their posting rather than the day of. Google Payments will allow you to receive shared revenue from ads on the pages that return your site's search results and in turn, if your site is selected as the "preferred result" for the searched topic. Did that make sense?

Second ... notice iKobo and StormPay ... these are two services that used to be advertised on PAYPALSUCKS.COM. Wanna know why they are in the list? For the full story; read here. The short story is ... one of the first articles I did on this site back in 2004 (and remains my 2nd most hit article) is called PayPal Ain't My Buddy ... in that story I brought you the exclusive news and investigation that PAYPALSUCKS.COM was actually created and sponsored by the owners of alternative payment services to Paypal ... sponsored by you guessed it ... iKobo, yowcow, and StormPay.

Currently, PAYPALSUCKS.COM is sponsored by Card Services International. How can anyone take a website that is sponsored by the competition seriously? PAYPALSUCKS.COM is filled with lunatic rants. It is my belief that the majority of the content on that website is contrived by PayPal's crooked competition.

I got the picture above from the Card Services International website, which also resolves as ... it is ironic (to me at least) that the title of this picture is CSI-Header-3.gif. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks anything on a scam site being titled "CSI" is funny.

Also of note is nochex ... this is a favorite of many international scams ... particularly from buyers in India, Malaysia, and The Philippines ... although I have been directed to pay using this service by many scammers based in the UK as well.

It is a shame though that eBay is placing Google Checkout amongst the thugs of the "ePayment World".


Anonymous said...

Until PayPal screws you over, you'd think that is full of lunatic rants. PayPal in fact withdrew $3,000 from my bank account and held it for six months as part of some asinine policy change that I was never informed of. Nor was I warned that they intended to take my money and hold on to it. I woke up one morning to find my bank account empty thanks to PayPal.

FYT said...

Truth is ... I have felt 'screwed over by Paypal" several times. In fact last week I lost 20.00 to a guy that sent me a envelope with tracking. In reality it was that i only paid $20, but lost $300 because it was a part that i deperately needed and was going to resell (installed) for $300. If you read the linked story you'll see that Paypal also accepted a tracking number as proof of shipment with me previously when i received a brink in a box for $300.

Look, I know there's problems with the system, but here's a couple of things I would like to say about your particular situation:

1) What did Paypal say when you called them?

2) Did you call your bank and tell them the withdrawal from your bank account was unauthorized?

3) What did your bank say?

4) Were you aware of the paypal lawsuit covering the very thing you and I feel ripped off about? Did you join the class action ... the settlement is being disbursed in September of 2006.

5) Did you prosecute the seller/buyer that caused the $3000 loss?

6) Were you following Paypal policy selling what you were selling? What was this "policy change"?

7) How long ago was this?

8) Did you read the article and understand fully that is a tool of the crooked paypal competition? ( who actually does exist solely to rip people off ... at least paypal has the intention of being a system on the up and up)

Anonymous said...

1. PayPal said that I could file a dispute. I did, they decided I was wrong. There were no further options, they don't agree to arbitration. My only recourse would have been suing them.

2 & 3. Yes, my bank said that because PayPal withdrew money that they had previous deposited, I couldn't do anything.

4. I got my money back in 6 months, so the only thing I lost was the interest on it and my time in trying to battle PayPal.

5. This was not an eBay transactions. I ran a site similar to hot or not, except that you had to pay a few $ to contact other people (which hot or not now has). The $3,000 was accumulated from over 1,000 sales over the course of several months.

6. PayPal determined (unilaterally) that I was placing PayPal sell links on an adult site. Fine, if they want to think that my site is adult. What they did was take my money that I had earned prior to their determination. There are several problems with this:

a) they did not give me an opportunity to remove the links and keep my money.

b) they did not offer me a way to dispute their determination. I believe puts it best when they say that "PayPal is judge, jury and executioner".

7. This was a few years ago, just before eBay bought them. My feeling is that PayPal was trying to clean house and remove clients that were not conducting business on eBay, by any (false) means necessary.

8. When this happened to me, I did not visit, I learned about that site much later. Through my own searching I located CSI and opened an account. I still use them and have never had a single problem. I would hardly call them crooked. Based on my own PayPal experiences (and that of a business associate of mine who runs a similar site), I would say many of the stories I've read on could very likely be true. I've never posted my story on I was commenting to point out that they may sound like raving lunatics. At the time PayPal took my money I bet I sounded like a raving lunatic, but it doesn't make it any less true.

Anonymous said...


4. If PayPal feels your actions are questionable, PayPal is the investigator, judge, jury and executioner. "Telling your side" of what happened, in most cases seems to be irrelevant. They also refuse to provide you with the details of their investigation and withhold documents they relied upon to make their decisions. Your only contact will be an email that says:

Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in respondingto your service request.

After review, the decision has been made to keep your account locked. This decision cannot be appealed.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email.

This is exactly how I was handled.

FYT said...

Truthfully ... you were operating a site that was gainst their policy. I don't believe they should have taken your money ... but you did get it back. It sounds to me like were (and are still) very emotional about the situation. This seems to have clouded your ability to reason and coherently do business.

Again, I think Paypal is a somewhat different company now that ebay has purchased them.

Paypalsucks is run by the competition, it only serves to make people such as yourself continually bitter. The site is run by the competition and actually could be construed as defamation (which a present case is before CA courts stating just that)

Anonymous said...

My site may have been against their policy after they changed their policy. As I said, the problem I had is that they took money I had made *before* their policy change. The other problem is that they don't offer any means to arbitrate or dispute their decision. It would have been one thing to say "Ok, we changed our policy, here's your money now remove our links cause we're cutting you off". Instead what they did was lock my PayPal account and withdraw money from my bank account. They did not simply freeze money that was already in my PayPal account, they actually took money out of my bank account. It took me more than a week of trying to talk to PayPal to find out they intended at some point to give my money back. That was a week of feeling like a company I had done business with for years just stole $3,000 from me. You'd be bitter too.

At any rate, I don't know how much PayPal has changed since eBay bought them. I don't use PayPal much anymore (just the occasional eBay purchase). I don't believe eBay's position has changed much if they are making a list of sites that they consider fraudulent enough not to offer seller protection, when several of the sites are run by reputable companies such as Google.

I almost forgot about, I've never investigated who runs them, I've never felt compelled to post there or participate in anyway. I wanted to point out that some of what they say there is true (and some is wrong, PayPal DOES fight charge backs on your behalf) and some of the ranting lunatics have real issues with PayPal.

Anonymous said...

nochex is not a scam. it is a uk only payment service and recently a uk merhant account offering international payment processing.

FYT said...

Not only is nochex a haven for scammers but they promote ..."if you've been kicked off paypal, give us a try!"

I have been almost scammed by a seller trying to use nochex saying they charged ME a currency conversion fee (as the buyer)