Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Did A (cough cough) Popular Apple & iPod News Website Fix A Contest?

Well ... it's been 16 days since I received and responded to this message from Bill Palmer concerning my winnning a prize in a contest at his iProng website:


Congratulations, you have won an iProng T-shirt in the iProng Name Game contest. We will need your mailing address as well as your T-shirt size preference (S, M, L, XL). Your T-shirt will ship within two weeks of your reply to this email.

Much thanks,
Bill Palmer
iProng (formerly iPod Garage) Publisher & Founder

A long time reader and commenter on Fix Your Thinking pointed out to me the following conversations held on the iProng website:

It appears as if Bfluid is one of the designers of the iProng website, making his winning A) "insider" and B) "illegal" according to Florida law.

Comments indicating bfluid ( a grand prize winner ) didn't comply with contest rules:

iProng Founder
Posted: Sat May 13, 2006 1:31 am  

bfluid, your new blog doesn't seem to have a link to iProng anymore.

you do want to win this, right?

Comments indicating bfluid ( a grand prize winner ) is an insider:
Fix Your Thinking comments in [ ]

iProng Grand Master [ Note Moderator status ]
Posted: Sat May 06, 2006 3:44 am

Now we need a cool logo. Though I like the logo we have now.

iProng Founder
Posted: Sat May 06, 2006 3:49 am [ Note 5 minutes apart from comment above ]

bfluid wrote:
Now we need a cool logo. Though I like the logo we have now.
[Note: WE ]

Don't worry, we have an iProng logo. You'll see it on Monday

It's hard to tell 100% but it appears as if Bfluid had a hand in designing portions of the iPodGarage and iProng websites.

Comments taken from these two pages:

I also want to point out that the contest was over on June 1st (running the entire month of May) Winners were to be announced within a few days of contest end and shouldn't have been too difficult to tally. Winners were not announced until June 19th. Neither of the grandprize winners FULLY COMPLIED with having the iProng logo and referral link on their blog for the entire month of May. The grand prize winners also no longer have the logo displayed on their sites. Futhermore, both of the Grand Prize Winners removed the logo before May 30th, therefore disqualifying both of them.

Interesting note about Bfluid ( a grand prize winner )

From his "winning" blog:

Name:Ty Maier
Location:Rincon, Georgia, United States
I am a christian who is very active in my church. I love playing and reading music. I also enjoy my iPod.

Interesting ... a professed Christian and knowingly participating in a fixed contest.

Wanna read the contest rules:

- Place a permanent link to in the sidebar of your blog or website, visible from your site's front page (even though we haven't yet changed our name, the domain is already active).

- You don't have to let us know you've done it; we'll see your site in our referrer logs as soon as someone clicks through on your link.

- Leave the link in place from now through the end of May.

- Then on June 1st we'll count of the number of unique click-throughs from each sidebar link and perform a weighted random drawing to determine the prize winners. Sites with more click-throughs will have greater odds of winning, but even sites with a single-click through will have a chance to win top prizes.

First prize is a 1 GB iPod nano in your choice of white or black, delivered directly to your doorstep. Second prize is a $50 iTunes gift card. Third prize is a $25 iTunes gift card. Five other winners will receive a new iProng T-shirt.

Remember, all you have to do to win a an iPod nano is post a link to in your site's sidebar and keep it there. Create your link today and help us celebrate our evolution into iProng!

* notice no disclaimers

Read more about contests and contest laws:

Hosting A Sweepstakes or Contest

or contact your state Attorney General

Followup reading:

I've Been Pronged!


Anonymous said...

"...& all I got was this lousy Tshirt"

Just you wait to see how lousy....;)

FYT said...

were you the other winner? Did you receive yours?

Do you feel cheated for not getting recognition for sending hits his way?

Anonymous said...

No, I was not a winner - I'm not that desperate for clothing.

I just saw the Tshirts modelled on the iProng "staff" at the WacGathering in LA.

They looked like cheap iron on transfer done-on-the-kitchen-table ones.

I did also spot the ProngMeister and 'assistant' at MWSF in his pre-Prong iPodGarage polo shirt which also looked liked an iron on transfer item, though he does claim they are proper printshop products...

Anonymous said...

Bill Palmer. Where should I begin? Anyone remember his insane tirade against a "headless iMac" a few years ago? It was like a one man crusade to prove that Apple would never NEVER produce such a machine, and that everyone who thought they would was an idiot. Well, they did, and you've never seen such a classic case of denial. This nut case would never admit he was wrong, and for some time railed that the Mac Mini was Apple's biggest blunder. So far, there has never been an admission of being wrong, or any kind of apology to the hundreds of people labeled idiots because they disagreed with him. So, I'm not too surprised to see that he's mixed up in some kind of crooked goings on.

Anonymous said...

I have had no participation in creating or designiung the website. If I did woouldnt it make sense that i would be a moderator or an administrator?

FYT said...

Obviously you're not the spell checker for iProng either.

Either way ... the contest was fixed for you as the winner from the beginning ... you did not follow the rules and Bill Palmer asked you if you wanted to win.

Anonymous said...

So, any news on your prize?
Has it arrived yet?
Or is Bill still too busy reporting on such things as the opening of his local Apple Store. I'm sure he must have passed a USPS or UPS on his way to SoBe.

Anonymous said...

the link is on the sidebar of my blog and was only gone for a couple hours while I was adding some features to my blog. And no I have not recieved my prize yet. Only because I dont have email and I dont plan on getting it till december.

FYT said...

Yes I got it last Wednesday and I used it as an undershirt to show "the locals" who read my site.

I have a few pics taken ... I just need to post em and do the story.

I wanted to wash it first to see how it held up ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heh - can't wait....

While reading back over the history of Fix Your Thinking and how it all came about and how Bill Palmer figured in some of your stuff about Jack Campbell, I googled "" and after a few more clicks seems that Bill Palmer registered this back in 2005!

He must have been scared you were going to expose him like you did JC!!!!

He covered his bases with also....

Wonder if he has Fix Your iPronging?.....

FYT said...

Wow ... that's kinda story worthy. I didn't know he registered that.

He actually figures in quite prominently to the whole Jack Campbell story, but seems to think this website is all about him (at least according to the rude email he sent me last week)

He was the only one promoting JC MacMice et al even during the bankruptcy / demise of DVforge.

He also claimed a sort of bond with Jack and jack with him. Funny thing is ... Jack and I have since made up as he has moved on. Yet the animosity between Bill and I seems to grow slowly as the months pass. I knew when i wrote the "billwhispers" piece that he would take the place of Jack ... Jack just wised up.

Anonymous said...

Will this story be included in the tshirt update?

Rude email? Did I miss that?

He claims a lot of things - he claims he is a fully credentialed member of the media ("...I was on my way to cover its Grand Opening with full media credentials") - he claims that Apple employees "discussed Apple's retail management about the latest developments in the company's retail strategy" - like they are going to risk their jobs talking
Apple business with him - a member of the media..

He claims "iProng's Bill Palmer had the opportunity to tour Apple's newest retail store just before it opened for business..." - so why no shots of the brand new empty store as other members of the media have got at other locations in the past?
Just shots of a full store which everyone else probably got....