Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An Apple Store Or An "I Pooted" Sign: Which do you want in your town?

An Apple Store in Oregon

From The Portland Architecture BLOG:

In April ... an Apple Computer store on NW 23rd Avenue had seen its plans significantly altered by the Historic Landmarks Commission. A stainless steel facade had to be changed to stone. The logo had to go. And so on. The point of the previous post was to raise concern about how the Landmarks Commission may be over-stepping its bounds, judging a work of modern architecture that seems to have little to do with historic buildings. Moreover, I argued against the larger principle that modern buildings can't complement different older architecture. In fact, I think it's the juxtaposition of two different forms, each true to its era and aesthetics, that makes a neighborhood and a city all the richer.

Now an update: If you haven't already heard, the project is now dead. Even after Apple and its local architect, Holst, agreed to the Landmarks Commission's changes, the commission as I understand it, still told Apple that more significant changes were needed. So Apple pulled out of the deal.


A billboard campaign for an upcoming Cartoon Network cartoon:

* Billboard on I-85 and 385 in Greenville SC & Atlanta GA & seen on I-40 in Knoxville Tennessee

Which would you rather have in your town? Apparently the people in Atlanta GA and Knoxville TN would rather have both a new Apple Store and the "I pooted" billboard, while people in Portland Oregon won't accept either. (The Cartoon Network campaign hasn't reached Portland Oregon as of this writing.) Here in Greenville SC ... I just want an Apple Store and wish there was a public outcry about the offensive "I pooted" signage.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I think it is disgusting how billboards like that can make it up in the first place. I find that very offensive. Yet I also find billboards of half dressed women offensive too but I don't see an outcry against those and I guarantee there are alot more of those in greenville than there are of that sign. But I get what you are saying and I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who finds a billboard that says "I pooted" offensive is taking themselves way too seriously and needs to lighten up.

Ignore it and drive on. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with taking yourself too seriously. It has to do with "why do companies feel like we want to see there crass humor". I suppose if we all ignored raunchy behavior then it will just go away and everyone would have discretion. Good idea. Thank goodness everyone does not feel that way.

Anonymous said...

i think there are larger issues in this country/world than "i pooted" billboards. seriously. like wow.

FYT said...

"i think there are larger issues in this country/world than "i pooted" billboards. seriously. like wow."

For larger, more important issues ... read the archives of this site and / or read the news network website of your choice. ;-)

Anonymous said...

billboards like that make it up because there are clients out there (such as the cartoon network in this case) that at least know what children will react to/recognize. im not sure of your age.. but i really dont think this billboard was meant for you. "i pooted" is line from one of the characters on one of their cartoon series. i dont myself dont watch cartoons... but i atleast know that "i pooted" has to make some kind of strategical sense and so the client(the cartoon network) will say yes. we will use that for our advertising. lighten up...

Anonymous said...

hey, Anonymous.... its "their" not THERE.

oh, and I FARTED. So deal with it.