Thursday, May 10, 2012

Something from the archives that never got published ...

* Jackwhispers Website Design 3

I'm feeling kinda teary eyed and nostalgic right now ...

I have just finished backing up and deleting all of the old Jackwhispers website. (The former name of this site) I had transferred the majority of the old site to this blog which registers under and back late last year.

* Original Website

This site started in August of 2003 to follow the day to day "activity" of Jack Campbell, the former head of MacMice/DVForge/et al. It was originally started by an unknown entity who still somewhat remains anonymous to this day ... although I have my ideas. The first day it was published, I was sent an anonymous email saying I was editor at a website called I jumped at the opportunity to write. It had been a while since I had gotten some form of recognition for writing beyond high moderation on Slashdot.

I had always wanted to do a site like this ... and before I started Jackwhispers I had a Slashdot journal (precursor to BLOGs). I wrote in it from 1998 to 2004 discussing a range of topics, but mostly relating to eBay and Apple.

Now a new chapter begins. Jack Campbell is no longer a threat to the Apple business and consumer world. In fact, I would say he's a changed man. Thanks to me? Who knows!

I feel this website has the potential to grow into something much bigger some day. I have broken many stories and expanded on the news behind the news in the eBay and Apple communities.

I hope you like the direction this site has taken ... help me to continue to spread the word.

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