Thursday, June 29, 2006

Last week I brought you the story The Five Things All Mac Users Want To See (And Are Coming Soon) ...

Did I have insider information or did I just know what I was reporting. Maybe a combination of the two.

From the Fix Your Thinking post:

Yahoo Messenger: With iChat AV, you may not think this is a big deal. Yahoo Messenger for the Mac has fallen far behind it's PC counterpart. In order to use a feature that a friend of mine wanted to use called "photoshare", I had to launch Virtual PC and use the PC version of Yahoo IM because the Mac version didn't support it. I was amazed by this cool feature. I have to be honest with anyone who doesn't use Yahoo Messenger on the Mac ... if you've ever seen the PC version, you don't know what you're missing. For years before iChat existed, even in OS 9, I was enjoying webcam chat (albeit jerky) with the Mac version of Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo IM is also more feature rich and seems more "social networking-like". Yahoo's broader "free services" community lends to a more MySpace feel. Now that Yahoo messenger has been opened up ... maybe good things are ahead ... including iChatAV integration. I just hope if Apple integrates it that they also open up the compatibility for different webcams. (As Yahoo IM has now.)

Yahoo has released a new Yahoo Instant Messenger that finally adds proper file transfer and almost up to par webcam support ... it's only a beta too ... greatly enhanced versions are promised quickly.

There's hit of iChat integration just as I stated.

Also, as a reader pointed out in the comments to the article that new high end/well respected CAD software was available the hour of the article when I posted (which I wasn't aware of):

From the Fix Your Thinking post:

CAD Software I would imagine that either A) Apple is developing some sort of in house CAD software based on Pixar Renderman or B) Is lending a helping hand to someone to develop CAD software for the Mac. There are solutions now, but none with true prestige such as the industry standard AutoDesk's AutoCad. Google's release of SketchUp for Mac OSX was a huge step in the right direction. It's embarrassing that design professionals have no real means of 3D design and prototype fabrication for Macs. Again, there are programs out there ... just not an industry leader.


Anonymous said...

It's apparently a Universal Binary as well.

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac (3.0 Beta 1)

FYT said...

I see really good things ahead and most likely Leopard/iChat integration as well

Yahoo IM is much more robust than iChat - iChat just has it beat with video conferencing