Friday, June 09, 2006

King Kong II: King Prong?

King Prong

Bill Palmer has officially changed all of his sites to "Prong" now, becoming King Of Prong:

MacMischief (which no longer exists and just redirects) is now officially MacProng

MacBookGarage is officially MacProng

Bill Palmer's iPod in a headband sales company formerly known as HeadPod is now known as "HeadProng"

And Palmer's iPod Loading Service LoadPod is now officially LoadProng.

And, as you know, iPodGarage officially changed to iProng.

So, the question is ... if it's true that Bill changed the name of iPodGarage to iProng solely because of growth and to better reflect the mission of the website ... then what is the reasoning behind "LoadProng", "MacProng", "HeadProng"?

Sounds to me like Apple legal said he couldn't use the name ... just like they told iPodLounge. iPodLounge just changed to iLounge, kept up a credible site, and didn't look back.

Is it just me or does this border on being the most bizarre story in the Apple Community this year?

[UPDATE] A reader email indicated that Bill Palmer still has I forgot about that one ... may I suggest ?

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Anonymous said...

I guess he's free to use "MacProng" as it is using "Mac" in combination with another non-generic word, "Prong"........

...if I read Apple's "Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and Copyrights" correctly...

Have a listen to his Porncast, oops sorry, meant Prongcast #28 - iProng Radio to fully understand his reasons for moving away from iPod Garbage.