Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I've been "pronged"

At the beginning of May, Bill Palmer changed the name of his website iPodGarage to iProng. Instead of having a contest to come up with a better name, he structured a contest that promoted linkage to his newly named website.

Taken directly from the iProng Website page promoting this contest:

Here's all you have to do to play the iProng Name Game:

- Place a permanent link to www.iProng.com in the sidebar of your blog or website, visible from your site's front page (even though we haven't yet changed our name, the iProng.com domain is already active). [check]

- You don't have to let us know you've done it; we'll see your site in our referrer logs as soon as someone clicks through on your link. [check]

- Leave the link in place from now through the end of May. [check]

- Then on June 1st we'll count of the number of unique click-throughs from each sidebar link and perform a weighted random drawing to determine the prize winners. Sites with more click-throughs will have greater odds of winning, but even sites with a single-click through will have a chance to win top prizes. [see below]

First prize is a 1 GB iPod nano in your choice of white or black, delivered directly to your doorstep. Second prize is a $50 iTunes gift card. Third prize is a $25 iTunes gift card. Five other winners will receive a new iProng T-shirt.

Remember, all you have to do to win a an iPod nano is post a link to www.iProng.com in your site's sidebar and keep it there. Create your link today and help us celebrate our evolution into iProng! [check]

* copied directly from the iProng website without modification or grammar correction

I suppose that the rules for this contest forgot about this site. From May 5 to June 1 2006, I sent 10,280 unique IP hits to iPRONG.COM = about 1% of the monthly hit total for this site.

Well, two weeks late ... the winners were finally announced:

On May 8th, iPod Garage officially became iProng. And today iProng announces the winners of the iProng Name Game, the contest to commemorate the new name of the site and the new era that has come along with it. Participants needed to place a permanent link to iProng.com in the sidebar of their blog or website and register at least one-click through between May 8th and June 1st, with the winners selected by a weighted random drawing based on the number of click-throughs from each blog or website. Thanks to all of you who participated, and to all of you who have supported the iProng era and allowed our site to continue to grow under our new name. The winners and prizes are as follows:

First Prize, a 1 GB iPod nano: xenacarpenter.info

Second Prize, a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate: reformforchrist.blogspot.com

Third Prize, a $25 iTunes Gift Certificate: ronntaylor.com

iProng T-shirts were also awarded to five additional blogs/websites. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the iProng Name Game contest, and we encourage you to participate in the latest iProng contest, launched today.

Notice how the winners of the T-Shirts websites were not announced? Guess who won one of the T-shirts? This morning I got the following email:


Congratulations, you have won an iProng T-shirt in the iProng Name Game contest. We will need your mailing address as well as your T-shirt size preference (S, M, L, XL). Your T-shirt will ship within two weeks of your reply to this email.

Much thanks,
Bill Palmer
iProng (formerly iPod Garage) Publisher and Founder

I had to find a "google cache" of the xenacarpenter.info website to find that she really did have a link to iProng as the contest required. The 3 websites that won are the strangest of strange and the most kooky of kooky ... but some say the same about this site ... right?

I have to commend Bill Palmer for at least being somewhat honest and awarding this site a prize. I most likely won the Nano or an iTunes Music Store Gift Certificate ... but ... I'm happy ... I've got something I can add to the prize and award chest for this site. (Thank you readers!)

iProng has a new acronym contest to "tell what iProng means". An example of what that means:

i = iPod
P = Partiers
r = Rule
o = Our
n = New
g = Generation

"To participate in the contest, simply post your entry in the comments section of this page. In order to be eligible, your email address MUST be included with your comment. Posting a comment to this page is the ONLY way to enter this contest. Any comment posted without an email address, or any entry that is obscene or otherwise inappropriate, will be disqualified (and in the latter case, deleted). Participating in the contest is easy, as you simply need to decide what you think each of the letters in the word "iProng" stands for. Winners will be selected based on creativity and relevance, and will be chosen at the sole discretion of iProng Management. Enter as many times as you like."

Guess what? I'm banned from the forums. I'll try to win any way, just to prove a point.

Thank goodness I can remove the logo from my sidebar ... I honestly think it was affecting my search results because sites were filtering the word "Pron" in "iProng".

My best friend and I joked about how winning the contest would be like being on MTV's "Punk'd" -- instead of Punk'd I'd be "Prong'd". We thought of a great cartoon ... I just don't know Flash or else I'd animate it myself. So ... instead I made up this logo:

Use the comments here to think of your own iProng acronyms ... maybe someone will see it and use it ... and this site can claim yet another "Prongtacular Award".

[UPDATE] Based on a reader suggestion I did the following in Photoshop:


FYT said...

A serious one:

i Tunes Coverage
P odcasts
r eviews
o ccasional laughs
n ews about iPods
g reat contests

A funny one:

I can't believe
P almer didn't
O n June 19th with a
N ano 1 GB because I sent a
G reat number of hits to his site

Anonymous said...

You may find this website interesting that one of the winners (reformforchrist.blogspot.com) also owns:


The title of site is called "iProng.com (not my website)"

I found this "website" located in his profile

That BLOG was set up in April of this year and most of the posts are from May.

I doubt it received anywhere NEAR a 1000th of the hits you sent to Palmy's site.

You're right about the xenacarpenter website - that borders on need of an intervention.

Is it me or do two "church zealots" and an openly gay guy sound very suspicious as winners?

FYT said...

something else interesting about the domain XENACARPENTER.INFO
Created On:01-Jun-2005
First Activity: 05-Jan-2006
Last Updated On:25-May-2006

The records for that website were updated during May (contest month) to be anonymous.

A friend of mine said the award of the Nano to someone else was a slap in the face .... basically saying, "I'd rather award the prize to a whack job, than you"

Anonymous said...

bfluid is a forum member at iProng forums. he was using a link in the forums to try and gather clicks for this contest.

FYT said...

Can you post any of those requests here so that I can look at it?

FYT said...

I just realized that the winner "reformforchrist" (as bfluid) is in one of my graphics that I used to show the contest winners were two weeks late being announced.

The more I look at it the more everything looks suspicious

Anonymous said...


Note the counter as the page redirects - only on 112 but still makes you wonder.


"billpalmer - iProng Founder
Sat May 13, 2006 1:31 am
bfluid, your new blog doesn't seem to have a link to iProng anymore.

you do want to win this, right?"

FYT said...

Not only was the contest OBVIOUSLY FIXED, but I have yet to receive my iProng TShirt.

New story will be posted today