Sunday, June 18, 2006

Interesting Or Weird: You Decide!

Normal posting will resume Monday June 19.

In the mean time enjoy these two products that have circulated many a "geek gadget site" over the month:

First is The Concerto Table:

The Concerto Table is a piano-shaped dining room table/workspace (with built-in storage) that is, as is nearly everything these days, iPod compatible. Built into the table is an Apple AV connection kit and 2 two-way speakers. Diners can control the music using the controls on the mounted iPod of your choice (be sure to specify which you intend to use when ordering) or via remote control. Designers Lovegrove & Repacks have even put together a dining-appropriate play list for your downloading pleasure, which they have made available on iTunes.

My personal thoughts on this are that I love it ... but think the iPod dock would be a better centerpiece.

Next is The CombiMouse:

The left unit is stationary and provides the function of the left hand side of a conventional QWERTY keyboard. The right unit has a similar mass and centre of gravity to a conventional mouse. It also has a similar grip. Depending on the support surface it can have any desired mobility.

The combimouse right unit is a mobile combination keyboard and mouse that can be moved around on a support surface like a conventional mouse. The keys are arranged in the fashion of the right hand side of a conventional QWERTY keyboard.

My thoughts on this are ... it looks interesting, but not only is it niche, but it would require a whole new thought process to use. Innovation can no longer happen in keyboard and mouse design in my opinion. It seems speech technology has either died or manufacturers just stopped developing it. The keyboard has become the 'defacto" interface and I think the standard layout of "keyboard and mouse" is here to stay for some time.

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