Monday, June 12, 2006

Email answered:

From a reader email over the weekend:

"Fix Your Thinking" - can you please explain what a "Gateway page" what is a "Doorway page" and what is CSENTRY.COM.

Also, can you explain the whole "net neutrality" thing? I am getting the impression that it is being attacked by companies, which must mean that "net neutrality" is good. But I don't really understand it.

Isn't this another battle in the struggle to control the internet vs. leave it as a cacaphonic, level playing field that was its beauty in the first place?

Craig Neumark Speaks on Net Neutrality

The latest buzzwords floating around the internet are: "Net Neutrality". If you want to know what it means, Craig Neumark of the famous "Flea market/Classifieds" site CraigsList explains it in the most laymen way I have seen it explained yet. I just can't believe its being discussed at all.

Simply put, a "Gateway page" or "Doorway page" is a page setup specifically to confuse one page for another. For instance. Most of the scam emails you receive have homepages that look identical to your banking institution's website. These pages are filled with buzzwords and keywords. Their purpose is to direct traffic to them instead of directing traffic to the proper site. Another use of a "Gateway page" or "Doorway page" is to outdo another page to sap off of hits or even redirect a search engine's attention to that page instead. For example. Someone could effectively type this entire article onto a webpage. They could throw in a few keywords that are common for search engines and then pay Google to rank the page higher. Upon doing so, it would effectively eliminate this article from the search results, and thereby increase search results for the "fake page".

CSENTRY.COM is run by a company called Converseon -- Converseon uses CSENTRY.COM as a gateway and doorway page aggregator site to confuse search engines.

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